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Surrogates and Egg Donors can offer the gift of life and help create a family. If you wish to become a Surrogate Mother or an Egg Donor, join our Surrogacy Community Online and get in contact with Intendent Parents pursuing Surrogacy in USA and Surrogacy in Canada.

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If you are interested in starting your family trough Surrogcay and wish to find a Surrogate Mother or an Egg Donor, join our Surrogacy Community and meet people interested in Surrogacy in Canada and Surrogacy in USA.

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Whether you wish to grow your family via Surrogacy or give the gift of parenthood as an Egg Donor or a Surrogate Mother, probably you have many questions about the surrogacy process. Join our Surrogacy Community or visit our Blog to get more information about surrogacy in USA and surrogacy in Canada

More About Surrogacy

Surrogacy in Canada and USA has become a popular option for same sex couples, straight couples or single parents looking to build their families. This process may look complex, but it’s easy to understand how surrogacy works. This 9 step guide will help understand the process.

  1. Decide if Surrogacy is right for you. Whether you are looking to become a parent through surrogacy or become a surrogate mother, the first step is to decide if surrogacy is right for you.
  2. Where is surrogacy legal? Surrogacy is legal in a limited number of countries worldwide and your surrogacy journey should always start with a thorough review of your options (Surrogacy in USA and Canada is legal).
  3. Do you need a surrogacy agency? Whether you choose to go independently or use an agency, the surrogacy path can be challenging at times. A reputable surrogacy professional may help you overcome those challenges but it is also possible to complete the surrogacy journey without an agency.
  4. Are you pursuing traditional or gestational surrogacy? Is an egg donor needed? Finding the right egg donor is one of the key steps for a successful surrogacy journey.
  5. Legal advice and surrogacy agreement: A fertility lawyer should guide and counsel intended parents, surrogates and egg donors accurately through the legal process and draft the surrogacy contract.
  1. The Match: Find a surrogate mother or intended parents is one of the most important steps that you will take in the whole surrogacy journey. Depending on the country where you will pursue surrogacy, you may need to work with an agency to find the right match.
  2. Egg Donation, Fertility treatment, Embryo Transfer and Pregnancy: The next steps of your surrogacy process take place in rapid succession once the medical screeners have been passed. Surrogate and egg donor will follow fertility treatments to ensure a good egg donation, embryo creation and positive pregnancy. This process usually takes around 8 weeks.
  3. Birth of the Baby: When the due date is approaching the intended parents will be notified and will travel to the clinic to welcome their baby.
  4. Passports and Citizenship for the baby: Upon the birth of the child, the paperwork begins with the birth registration process, birth certificate and passport. Children born via surrogacy in Canada or surrogacy in USA will be automatically Canadian or US citizens.