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Egg Donor
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How to Find Egg Donor

Are you looking for an egg donor? Finding an egg donor is one of the most important and emotional phases of your surrogacy journey. It’s likely that when you start this process, you may be overwhelmed with the idea of finding an egg donor who matches everything on your checklist. Below you will find the main steps in your process to find egg donor in

Your Expectations

What are your requirements? Known or anonymous egg donor? Proven or first time egg donor? Location?

Create a Profile

Create your personal profile including a description and pictures about you and your family

Search for Egg Donor

Search and find egg donors. Ask questions about her medical history, personality, physical appearance, etc. If possible, request pictures too

Move Forward

Before deciding you are ready to move forward, it is important to feel a connection to your donor.

Think about what are the characteristics that mean the most to you and your partner and you will find your perfect egg donor!