Surrogacy in USA or in Canada is not always an easy journey and sometimes a few tips can make that journey a bit easier. Surrogates want to help intendent parents with the dream of a baby and are honored to keep a lifelong connection if possible.  Being a surrogate mother is a challenging journey and there are some things that you might consider when building your relationship with your surrogate in Canada or the United States. They are: trust, communication,Read More
One of most common form of surrogacy is the gestational surrogacy. This is a type of surrogacy where the In Vitro Fertilization is used. What is IVF? This an assisted reproductive technology that manually fertilizes an egg with sperm in a laboratory dish and then transferring the embryo to the mother (or surrogate mother). With this kind of fertilization process, the surrogate mother does not have any genetic connection to the child. The success of theRead More
If you want to become a surragte mother or you are looking for a gestational carrier, there are different things that you need to pay attention to before you begin the process. One of these things is the Zika virus. Why  Zika virus? – Zika virus can be easily spread from mother to fetus during pregnancy. – The virus can lead to birth defects. – There is no vaccine or medication for the virus. You canRead More
The question how can I find a surrogate mother online is one that many couples ask and the answer is not simple if you are pursuing surrogacy in Canada or USA. You naturally want to find a surrogate that meets your high standards and your psychological, emotional and physical criteria. Everyone involved in the process deserves to be treated with equal sensitivity and respect. Obviously since both the surrogate mothers and the egg donors areRead More