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Surrogate Mother
8 Feb 1996
Gestational Surrogate
Completed College or University
Gay Couple, Heterosexual Couple, Lesbian Couple

I have always wanted to pay it forward after having my son.

Dear Intended Parent(s);

Hiya, I’m Chantel! Of course you probably already know that, but I strongly believe every relationship should begin with a warm introduction. I’ve spent around twenty minutes now trying to articulate what I wanted to say to you, and the best way I can put is that I am sorry. I know we are pretty much strangers and I haven’t the slightest clue what you have been through, chalk it up to fate but here we are reading about each other. I want to assure you that I am 100% serious about this journey and I promise to love and care for the baby I carry as if it were my own. At the same time, I would love for you to be part of this journey every step of the way. I want to include you in everything and it would be lovely to foster a close relationship throughout as well.

A little about myself, I was born in Malaysia to my parents, Pauline & Marcel. My father was an offshore rig superintendent and moved around the world ( He is from a little French village here in Alberta) and my mother is Malaysian and was a radio broadcaster at that time. They were in their forties when they were pen pals and fell in love. Little did they know, they would get pregnant soon after they bought their first house together. My mother always said that I was God’s last joke on her. I was very fortunate to be able to travel around the world with my parents and I was enrolled in the Cambridge IGCSE program which I graduated at 15 and moved back home to Canada soon after.

I met Derrick ( my husband) while I was in highschool and it most definitely NOT love at first sight. He actually had to work for the first date but I eventually softened up and we have been inseparable ever since. We welcomed our son, Cameron in 2014 and have been enjoying this roller coaster ride ever since. We currently live on an acreage in Northern Alberta and enjoy the quiet and outdoors. We actually often have deer right outside our windows in the morning. As a family, we enjoy fishing, mini golfing, swimming, having late night fires and I must admit we are giant movie buffs. Currently in our house there is Derrick and I (25 & 21), Cameron (3), my mother Pauline (65) , Eva the Newfoundland ( 5 months & 90 lbs!) and Pippa our rescue kitten ( we picked her up off the highway so we don't even know if she is a girl at this point!).

I am an Optician by trade and spend most of my days fitting glasses or stabbing my finger with a screwdriver while fixing them! I personally enjoy reading books ( my goal is 50 this summer), mowing the lawn and listening to acoustic covers in the dark. I have always had surrogacy in my mind, especially after having little Cameron. I know Derrick and I are really young, but let me assure you that our personalities transcend our age. We have always been the ‘grown ups’ in our circle of friends and are often referred to as mum and dad. We have had many talks about this stage in our lives and we truly believe we are ready to begin this surrogacy journey and help make dreams come true.

Derrick and I have talked about the relationship we would love to foster with our Intended Parents and the one word that can describe it is; close. We want you to be a part of as much as you would like to be and for us to both freely communicate with each other whenever and wherever. This is your baby and you should be able to enjoy every milestone, every kick, hiccup and late night kicking sprees. I’d love for you to feel like family. We have always been an open book as well so at any time, please do not hesitate to ask questions or text/call. I have never been one to be a stickler to the rules; we are pretty much carefree Albertans so put your seatbelts on and get comfortable. Growing up in different parts of the world has also taught me to be open to everything and I can honestly say we are the farthest thing from judgemental ever. It’s what that is inside that counts.

I think I am going to sign off now. If there is anything that I have missed please don’t hesitate to ask. I can’t wait to begin this adventure with you and I am so excited to see where it brings us!

Chantel, Derrick & Cameron